AG gets Ish and Steve’s submissions against extradition

The representations were made by attorneys representing the two men who remained in prison yesterday — one week after they were arrested by the police.

Now, AG Anand Ramlogan will peruse the arguments before deciding whether to sign the warrants for the men’s extradition to the United States.

Ferguson, former CEO of Maritime General, and Galbaransingh, Northern Construction Ltd executive chairman, are wanted in the US to face some 84 charges of wire fraud, money laundering, bid-rigging and conspiracy, among others, after they were indicted by a US grand jury on November 29, 2005.

Yesterday marked the deadline to the time granted by Ramlogan for the businessmen to prepare their submissions against extradition.

Attorney Fyard Hosein, SC, leads a team of lawyers who worked assiduously over the weekend to prepare the representations.

The businessmen have since brought a constitutional motion challenging the constitutionality of the Extradition Act, under which the request has been made for their extradition.

When the matter last came up for hearing, High Court Justice Vashiest Kokaram imposed a stay of their extradition to the US until the determination of the constitutional motion brought before him. This motion will be heard on Thursday.

Hosein and his team are expected to use the arguments in Gary McKinnon’s case where the question of forum will be raised, and also forms part of the consideration for the AG under Section 16 of the Extradition Act.

Also, lawyers will rely on the argument that the allegation of “bid-rigging” does not constitute an offence in TT. Under the Extradition (Commonwealth and Foreign Territories) Act 1985, before an extradition can be granted, the allegations of the charge must also constitute an offence in TT law.


"AG gets Ish and Steve’s submissions against extradition"

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