TT on weekend lockdown

Minister Sandy unleashed his new anti-crime plan on Friday night which continued into last night in all divisions throughout the country in a bid to flush out gang members and those involved in crime. On Friday night Brigadier Sandy along with Chief of Defence Staff Brigadier Edmund Dillon and Actg Police Commissioner Stephen Williams spent several hours on the field and got a first hand look on the way joint patrols are carried out and how policing is undertaken. The three were present at Montrose Junction Chaguanas where they observed and assisted their charges carrying out duties and maintaining visibility. Even Prime Minister Kamla Persad- Bissessar who was on her way to the launch of the local government elections campaign in Chaguanas stopped and had a brief chat with her minister and the two senior officers and gave them the thumbs up for being out on the field.

Yesterday Sandy told Sunday Newsday “we had a series of road blocks, traffic exercises and I searched for illegal arms, ammunition and drugs and this exercise which was island wide proved to be very successful.”

Sandy noted that the public’s response to the presence of the police on a Friday night throughout the country was overwhelming. The increased police/army visibility will continue indefinitely and is something which the authorities hope to sustain as much as possible.

Yesterday Actg Police Commissioner Stephen Williams said “the biggest aspect of the success of our activities is that there were no homicides for the past 24 hours, but the police would have arrested several persons for several firearms offences and these exercises are ongoing”. He is calling on the public to work with the police to make this a success because the whole purpose of this activity is creating a safer environment for the citizens.


"TT on weekend lockdown"

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