Al-Rawi slams AG

Responding to Ramlogan’s earlier contribution during debate in the Senate about the state of the economy, Al-Rawi said, “He has managed to come up with more conclusions of crime and corruption than the entire Uff Commission which was provided with salient facts and particulars.”

Al-Rawi continued that Ramlogan provided the Senate with no particulars about what these alleged crimes were, but was trying to persuade senators to accept that such crimes took place while the PNM was in power.

“Facts are the critical elements which deliver the consequences of the law. Without facts it is beyond dangerous to draw sweeping allegations,” he warned. Al-Rawi challenged Ramlogan to repeat his claims outside of the Senate where he would not be shielded by parliamentary privilege.

Ramlogan, in reply, vowed he would do so as he planned to provide information about the PNM expenditure to the public and the media.

Continuing, Al-Rawi said he could not find a single revenue-Generating policy in the People’s Partnership’s General Election manifesto and had not heard any Government ministers articulate any during the debate. Al-Rawi said the Partnership should “thank God” that it inherited a stable economy from the PNM.

He expressed concern that the Partnership’s plan to provide successful SEA students with laptops was poorly conceived and said the PNM had developed a plan to provide 180,000 laptops to these students over a five year period.

Responding to Al-Rawi, Ramlogan assured him he would repeat his statements outside of Parliament and provide the media with documents to support those statements. During his contribution, Ramlogan also referred to a July 14 letter from Pharmco to Nipdec questioning the award of a contract to Sun Crest International to provide surgical examination gloves at a price which was higher than its price.


"Al-Rawi slams AG"

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