Low turnout at Election

This means 38.72 percent of the electorate voted in the election which saw the People’s Partnership resoundingly beat the PNM 11-3. In the local government elections of 1992, 1996, 1999 and 2003, 39.77 percent, 43.95 percent, 38.72 percent and 43.95 percent respectively voted. Cayenne indicated that of the 386, 830 ballots that were cast, 385,448 were valid and 1,328 were rejected. Out of the 385,448 valid votes, the United National Congress (UNC) got 197,193, PNM 128, 590 and Congress of the People (COP) got 57,984. The UNC and COP are the main political parties which comprise the ruling People’s Partnership coalition.

A total of 1,568 votes went to independent candidates who contested the election and a fringe party called the Labour and Environmental Action Party received a meagre 110 votes. Of the 134 electoral districts contested, the UNC won 74 while the PNM and COP won 37 and 23 respectively. The Partnership won 11 local government corporations while the PNM won the other three.

Stating that the elections were incident free and the EBC did not encounter any irregularities which are normally associated with general elections, Cayenne said the commission performed well in light of the fact that it had to oversee two elections within the space of two months.

Cayenne said the PNM has requested recounts in the districts of Springvale/Paradise and

Fanny Village/Cap de Ville which were won by the UNC and COP respectively.

The COP requested a recount for the San Juan West seat which was won by the PNM. Cayenne was unable to provide the EBC’s expenditure for Monday’s elections but indicated that compared to a general election where there are 41 constituencies, more returning officers are needed for local government elections because there are 134 districts being contested.

The successful candidates met yesterday with Local Government Minister Chandresh Sharma at the San Fernando City auditorium.


"Low turnout at Election"

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