Warner: Reject all forms of discrimination

He said TT must rededicate its efforts to the promotion of natural justice, rule of law and equality of all.

Warner said on this day, the people of TT must reflect on the contribution made by their African forefathers and “even our East Indian parents who had to suffer a similar humiliation by colonial masters”.

Warner said after almost 200 years of freedom, the people must “reflect on the tears of their past torture and mince them into a smile for our future”. He said Emancipation Day was a special day that honoured the end of the most “atrocious act in the history of mankind when millions of people of African origin were brought as slaves to the ‘New World’.”

“No power on earth can stop an oppressed people determined to win their freedom. In the late 18th century an oppressed people found that determination; a determination to be free and to literally escape the shackles of slavery. It was that determination that led to the abolition of the Slavery Act in 1834 and the consequent emancipation of our African forefathers who were brought to our shores in chains,” Warner said. “Emancipation 2010 comes at a time when our nation has just undergone two elections that would have taxed upon the time and resources of our people. The results of both elections appear to reflect a determination for another freedom; a freedom from’ maladministration’ and incompetent governance,” Warner said.


"Warner: Reject all forms of discrimination"

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