Sandy, AG to meet Gibbs

Gibbs, a retired Superintendent of Police from Edmonton, Canada, has already indicated he would propose a gun amnesty and seek to weed out corruption in the TT Police Service.

All of this would depend on if Gibbs accepts the contract offered to him.

On Wednesday, Newsday exclusively reported Gibbs had been invited by the Ministry of Public Administration to fly to Trinidad to discuss the contract. He is due to arrive on Sunday.

After meeting with Ramlogan and Sandy, Gibbs is scheduled to meet with the Director of Personnel Administration (DPA) and Chief Personnel Officer Stephanie Lewis to negotiate his salary and remuneration package. Gibbs is also expected to meet with the executive of the Police Social and Welfare Association.

Sources revealed yesterday, the contract for Gibbs contains clauses which gives the DPA the right to fire him for non-performance.

If the terms of the contract are agreed to, the Police Service Commission (PSC) would be required to issue the instrument of appointment to Gibbs. The PSC is also required to appoint another Canadian Jack Ewartski as a Deputy Commissioner of Police.

Sources yesterday said the Ministry of Public Administration has also sent an invitation letter to Ewartski to come to Trinidad to assume his new post. Ewartski’s salary will be the same as the other two Deputy Commissioners of Police Maurice Piggott and Stephen Williams. He will not be required to sign a contract.


"Sandy, AG to meet Gibbs"

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