His throat was slit and the house appeared to be ransacked. As the hysterical woman ran out of the house to her car to get help, she was grabbed by persons who bundled her into her vehicle where her eight-month daughter, Aliyah was seated and drove off with the mother and child.

The father of the dead man later received a call from someone demanding $100,000 for the return of the mother and child.

The dead man was identified as Nishard Ali, 37, a freelance accountant who lived at Wohlers Blvd, Off Mc Cleod Trace, Freeport.

Police say Ali was at home alone when he may have been accosted by persons who later slit his throat. At about midday his wife, Nila Seetaram-Ali, 24 arr-ived home after visiting relatives and discovered the body of her husband.

Police believe the killers may be linked to some workmen who were doing repair work at Ali’s home and they began the search for the two workmen late yesterday.

Relatives of the dead man told Newsday that the last they heard from Ali, a devout Muslim, was at about six am yesterday when they telephoned him to find out how his fast for Ramadhan was going.

Officers of the Anti-kidnapping unit as well as homicide officers cordoned off the scene of the murder and kidnapping yesterday and carried out a search for fingerprints and any evidence to lead them to the perpetrators of the criminal acts.

Weeping relatives described Ali as a kind, caring and family oriented person who was extremely close to his daughter Aliyah.

They said the couple had no enemies and were elated following their wedding ceremony last Sunday.

Newsday understands the couple was doing repair work on their home and was looking forward to spending the rest of their lives together with their daughter.

“What is this world coming to? Those cruel persons were not satisfied in taking an innocent life and they added further grief to our family by snatching a young mother and child, but we are leaving this in the hands of Almighty Allah and hope that the perpetrators are found and brought to justice” said a weeping relative yesterday.

Ag Police Commissioner James Philbert and other members of his executive were informed of the murder and kidnappings and an island-wide search was mounted for the killers and kidnappers. Investigations are continuing.



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