Dad of two shot dead during outburst of firecrackers

According to an eyewitness, moments before the father of two was gunned down, four teenagers who were also in the area, were given firecrackers and sent to the corner of Thomas and Henry Streets, San Fernando, to burst them. Roberts was allegedly killed during the explosion of the firecrackers.

Roberts, of Chacon Street, San Fernando, was a “PH” driver. He also worked part- time in his family’s trucking business “Charlo’s Transport.” Police believe the killing was a hit since nothing was stolen from him. The police have also linked it to the ongoing warfare between gangs from Marabella and Mt Moriah Road in San Fernando.

The shooting incident on Sunday sent residents scampering to safety.

According to a police report, at about 6.30 pm Sunday, Roberts was in the area to collect his seven-year-old son who had attended a birthday party. While seated he was approached by two masked gunmen who walked up to him and fired three shots. He was killed instantly, while the gunmen escaped in a waiting vehicle.

Yesterday his uncle, Vernon Roberts, 49, who is also employed in the family business, told Newsday that relatives remain shocked over his killing. Vernon said his nephew, Sean, has been living at his home for the past three years.

He said: “Sean is not involved in any criminal activities, and has never been on the wrong side of the law. The older Roberts said the family never expected such tragedy “to reach us.”

“We reading and hearing about it every day . It is the first time we are experiencing anything like this.” He called for murderers to be punished “some way, or the other.”

“The only people in this country not being punished for crime, are the murderers,” he stated.

“Instead of only debating death penalty, catch these killers, and give them some form of punishment,” he added.

A friend of the dead man who asked not to be identified said Roberts “hit” was called from “right inside the block.”

Officers of the Southern Homicide Division are investigating.


"Dad of two shot dead during outburst of firecrackers"

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