Coded memo?

As you may be aware we have been conducting a series of system backups recently to ensure that at this critical time and while SAUTT is under scrutiny that we do not lose any essential data if the servers fail or systems fail.

In the process of doing so it has become apparent that there a number of personal files on the system, it had been believed that these were simply to manage work related projects, however necessary inspection of these files has revealed that many of them contain items of a personal nature including commercial music tracks.

These types of files should not be on the system and staff are asked to remove anything which is not work related. The primary reason for doing so is that these types of files often contain viruses which are a threat to the system. Please remember that this is a work environment, not a file sharing environment.

Please do not use the system to pass personal files between each other. It leaves you vulnerable and exposes the organisation to criticism if this activity compromises our systems.

There will be an inspection by SAUTT IT during the next few days to identify material that should be removed. If you are aware of your own material on the system — music, videos, photos, letters, etc — which should not be there, please remove them immediately.”


"Coded memo?"

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