Wiretapping bugs Warner

Speaking to the media at the Marriott Hotel, Invaders Bay Warner said he did not know what was the next step with the wire-tapping controversy and referred this to Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar. “I am not getting myself involved because I am still an angry man. Very angry,” Warner fumed.

Warner said he agreed with Manning that no one is above the law and no one should be used to break the law. “I believe if anybody should be punished and punished drastically it should be Patrick Manning,” Warner said.

Warner was particularly upset that phone conversations of his wife and sons were also being monitored. “I am a public figure, so I pay the price for that..but my family too? The Head of State as well. I mean, how do you justify that?” an incredulous Warner asked.

Although former National Security Minister Martin Joseph said he had no knowledge of what was happening, Warner said he found Joseph’s claim hard to believe and said sarcastically, “if Martin Joseph says he does not know then I Jack Warner am telling you that my name is Bill Gates.”

He criticised Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley for claiming that PM Persad-Bissessar knew about the wire-tapping. Warner said Rowley was always trying to find some “foolish” way for the People’s National Movement to escape blame. “I am not surprised by Dr Rowley every week is some idiotic statement. I am not bothered too much with Dr Rowley,” Warner said.


"Wiretapping bugs Warner"

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