Man, 20, warded with dengue after hunting trip

He said on December 12, he began feeling slightly ill but his condition worsened over the next three days and his family took him to the hospital for treatment.

“I started to feel slightly ill at home, but never thought that it seemed serious. Over the next three days, I began to suffer with body and belly pains, strong headaches, weakness, and no appetite. On Thursday, they took me to the hospital and I was given a blood test. They even put me on drips,” Sookhoo said. The results of the test later came in that day confirmed that Sookhoo had tested positive for dengue. Sookhoo remains on Ward 12 at hospital. Further blood tests are being conducted, while Sookhoo remains closely monitored by doctors.

The Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) has 1,408 dengue cases recorded for TT for week 32 (mid-August) and three deaths. The strain of dengue circulating for 2010 was Type 2.

TT experienced an increased rate of dengue cases this year with reports coming from across the country. In July, the Health Ministry said due to the rate of increase an outbreak had occurred.

The ministry warned the public to pay attention to the environment, prevent breeding sites for the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, the vector for dengue.


"Man, 20, warded with dengue after hunting trip"

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