Unique exhibit by local and foreign artists at National Museum

“We the Artists” is a form of cultural discourse about diversity as well as dissent and divisiveness. “We the Artists” is being curated by the director of the Creative Collective Beez and Honey, Nicollette Ramirez.

She described her motivation for displaying this cross cultural group of artists in innovative mediums: “I decided to create an exhibition that would mix Trinidadian artists with their contemporaries outside of the island. I wanted the artists to have a conversation and in that conversation make breakthroughs intellectually, emotionally, creatively and spiritually.”

The exhibition allows the artist to engage the viewer on a deeper level, in that the pieces provoke conversation and food for thought. The idea was to use the universal language of images. Images like a “No Smoking” sign and “Children Crossing” are universal concepts. However, the exhibition also highlights that these images can also perceived in terms of differing philosophical, political, psychological and sociological theories. The artists are challenging the viewer to reinterpret their works.

Over 20 artists from across the globe will showcase works about universal themes that supercede the barriers like time, space, geography, class, language and race.

Ramirez said, “My goal was to include artists from every corner of the globe. If a region is under-represented it is only because of my own lack of knowledge/experience in that region. Like Africa, for example. Because every continent has something to contribute in terms of the arts.”

The exhibition will included pieces by: Marina Abramovic (Former Yugoslavia), Antoni Amat (Spain), Kristin Anderson (USA), Dean Arlen (Trinidad), Clarina Bezzola (Switzerland), Ashley Bickerton (UK/USA/Indonesia), Juanli Carrion (Spain), Gordon Cheung (UK), Uri Dotan (Israel/USA), Ivars Drulle (Latvia), Marcel Eichner (Germany), Embah (Trinidad), Wyatt Gallery (USA/Trinidad), Vicente Grondona (Argentina), Anne Herzog (France), Michelle Issava (Trinidad), Kwynn Johnson (Trinidad), Thomas Kiesewetter (Germany), Danny Licul (USA), Jiandyin (Jiradej & Pornpilai Meemalai) (Thailand), Wael Noureddine (Lebanon/France), Anselm Reyle (Germany), Spencer Tunick (USA),Vadis Turner (USA) and Carlo Zanni (Italy).

The “We the Artists” exhibition will be open to the public at the National Museum and Art Gallery of Trinidad and Tobago from January 5 to 26. The admission is free and guided tours are available.

A film night is scheduled for Friday, January 14. On Thursday, January 20 there will be a lecture session. The public will have the chance to view an exclusive performance art night on Wednesday, January 25.


"Unique exhibit by local and foreign artists at National Museum"

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