‘Positive and Pregnant’ screening tomorrow

After the viewing of the film there would be an interactive panel discussion to allow members of the audience to ask questions. The panel would include Necia Holtzman, health care educator, the film producer Candice Lela Rolingson, and members of the film’s cast.

The US Ambassador Beatrice Welters is expected to attend this event which is intended to be the first session of a national outreach programme, being implemented by the Walker Lela Foundation with the support and assistance of several agencies including the US Embassy, The Trinidad and Tobago Film Company, Ministry of the People and Social Development, the Ministry of Arts and Multiculturalism as well as other promising corporate sponsors.

Tomorrow’s programme will feature the screening of Positive and Pregnant, a question and answer forum on the content of the film, pregnant mother to child transmission and other HIV/AIDS related matters, as well as a role play sensitisation lesson.

The locally produced film Positive and Pregnant is already receiving favourable attention in international circles and has already been selected for screening at the New York International Film festival. Negotiations are also taking place for screenings at the Caribbean Film Corner, Zanzibar International, Tribeca and Women’s International Film Festival as well as the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival.


"‘Positive and Pregnant’ screening tomorrow"

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