Everything wrong with homosexuality

I look forward to hearing the contributions of the Honourable Member for Arima, Pastor Rodger Samuel whom I’ve chosen to single out because of the fact that he is a clergyman and as such is responsible for the spiritual well being of his congregation. I’m sure that he would have at some point during his tenure as a spiritual leader explained to his congregation why homosexuality is wrong and should not be engaged in.

I want to hear what this clergyman has to say in the Parliament and to the nation knowing fully that the church does not condone any form of homosexual behaviour.

As a concerned Christian I wait with bated breath to hear what he has to say, if the Government chooses to flirt with the idea of legalising same sex marriages. For Minister Samuel this is a true test of his mettle and of his leadership. Regardless of what position his Government takes, if he is chosen to speak on the matter I hope that he has the courage of his conviction to outline to the nation as he would have done at some point in time with his congregation, why the practice of homosexuality is biblically, spiritually, morally and socially wrong.

His responsibility to address the matter isn’t mitigated or nullified even if he is not chosen to debate the issue in the Parliament. As a spiritual head, he is obligated to state his position if not in voice, then through his vote.

Carlyle Oliver

San Fernando


"Everything wrong with homosexuality"

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