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Friday 23 March 2018

Cat stoned and tortured

THE EDITOR: Today the Animals Alive Shelter took in a pregnant cat who in looking for food and shelter wandered into an apartment building in Port-of-Spain and was tortured, stoned and targeted to be poisoned.

One compassionate tenant rescued the hapless creature and for several days begged Animals Alive to take her in, because she could not keep her locked up inside and feared her neighbours would kill her.

Unfortunately the Animals Alive Shelter is full. The Shelter had to wait for an adoption for an opening to become available to take in the cat. At the shelter there are over 300 spayed, neutered and vaccinated dogs and cats waiting to be adopted into loving homes but adoptions are slow.

Moreover, being the only no-kill Animal Shelter we are besieged by calls from people asking us to take in animals which they have found in unbearable conditions. Animals Alive needs corporate and governmental assistance to help strengthen the capacity to respond to the overwhelming need to help stray animals who are abandoned, neglected and suffering.

Please citizens help us to stop this intolerable treatment. Let us support the no-kill movement by showing more concern for these creatures and insisting that the Government takes action to improve the welfare of animals. Please contact Animals Alive to adopt a pet.

Kathryn Cleghorn

President, Animals Alive


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