Jack: I can learn from Karene

“I believe I can learn something from it,” Warner said yesterday, responding to Asche’s victory with two political commentary songs, one of them about his many roles in Government and world football. Warner is a FIFA vice-president.

Warner said Asche’s songs shows that “calypso still lives”.

He added that calypsonians could have good lyrics and not be nasty and still come out on top. Warner was interviewed in Chaguanas during J’ouvert celebrations in the borough. He is the MP for Chaguanas West and is the chairman of the Chaguanas Borough Corporation Carnival Committee.

Thousands crowded the streets of the borough, and the congestion made it difficult for 16 bands to cross the stage near the Chaguanas market, prompting Warner to declare that next Carnival there J’ouvert would be open to everyone and there would be no bands.

Despite the thick crowds, however, at about 7.20 am J’ouvert band Born Slackers dared to cross the stage and successfully did so. Their presentation Trini Pirates depicted a pirogue filled with mud its revellers fully covered.

Bands “Sauce Boyz”, “I’M a Trini” and “Recession a Bad Ting” followed after. In the individual category, six persons entered, most commenting on political issues.


"Jack: I can learn from Karene"

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