Police arrest 120 in PoS

Police sources revealed that CCTV cameras installed at the Police Administration Building at Sackville Street, Port-of-Spain also proved to be useful for law enforcement officers during J’ouvert.

In one incident, the CCTV cameras were able to zoom in on a man at Duncan Street, who was caught concealing a gun inside of his pants. Officers of the Rapid Response team led by Inspector Sahadeo Singh were able to apprehend the man who was later found to be in possession of the gun .38 revolver. Newsday understands at about 3.30 am yesterday, four teams of officers locked down City Gate in Port-of-Spain and began searching persons entering the city from the transit hub. They used hand scanners to assist them in finding knives, ice picks and other weapons on persons who were arrested and taken to the Port-of-Spain CID where they were questioned and placed in cells. Senior police officers told Newsday the exercise at City Gate proved to be successful and served as a deterrent against several stabbings and woundings.

Police officers revealed there was one incident at Richmond Street at about 5.30 am where a group of men had an altercation with a man and they later threw a bottle at the man who suffered injuries to the head. He was taken to the Port-of-Spain General Hospital where he was treated and discharged. However, police reported crime was down during the J’ouvert revellery.

Deputy Police Commissioner Jack Ewatski, who is in charge of crime and operations, told Newsday the techniques used to keep crime down appeared to have worked well and he commended all those persons who contributed to creating a safe atmosphere for revellers and members of the public. He said there were minor incidents such as persons throwing bottles at each other but added that up to midday there were no reports of murder or serious crimes.

Ewatski said he and Police Commissioner Dwayne Gibbs were out in the city by 8 am yesterday where they mingled with those under their command and were pleased with the hard work carried out on the ground.


"Police arrest 120 in PoS"

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