Police Service must move on

Speaking during a media conference at the West End Police Station yesterday, Ewatski said, “A lot has been said recently relative to the issue. In my view, my direction is that we need to remain focused on the job and the task at hand.

“We have to provide public safety and also, apprehending criminals and solving crimes, that is the job we must continue to focus on, regardless of what else is happening. My position and message to officers is to remain focused on the job and the task at hand,” Ewatski said.

He spoke at the launch of the 21st Century Policing Initiative Pilot Project being conducted only in the Western Division for the next four months.

This project is expected to serve as the next step in the process of organisational transformation for the operations of the TT Police Service. It will also serve as a road map for increased effective operational capacity throughout the other eight divisions, including Tobago, in the near future.


"Police Service must move on"

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