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Thursday 22 February 2018

Women cops rise

THE promotion of 115 police officers yesterday was a historic one in that for the first time in the TT Police Service (TTPS), three women were promoted to the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) at the same time.

The three new ACPs are Margaret Sampson-Browne, Ann Marie Alleyne and Joanne James. They were warmly congratulated by Commissioner of Police Dwayne Gibbs and deputy police commissioners (DCP) Jack Ewatski and Stephen Williams. The promotion ceremony took place at Police Administration Building, Port-of-Spain.

The three were among 22 female officers out of the 115 who received letters of promtion. Gibbs said this was the first time so many female officers were promoted in one go.

“The TTPS has been able to create an environment where women in the service are fully immersed and allowed to participate in the decision making process of our organisation and recognised as equal partners at the executive level,” Gibbs said.

DCP Williams who is the head of the Promotion Advisory Board, said that of the 187 officers taking part in the process to qualify for promotion, 153 made it to the suitability assessment stage which was an oral examination and 115 were found to be ready for promotion.

This, he said, represents 74 percent of the total number of officers participating in the process. The Police Service, he said, now has settled first division officers for some time to come which meant limited spots for officers in the next promotional process. All the officers who were promoted were not able to receive their letters of appointment yesterday however. Assistant Superintendent Lennard Gay, who was up for promotion to the rank of Superintendent, was laid to rest on Saturday after he died of a massive heart attack several days ago.

Among the officers promoted were former head of the Anti-Corruption Investigation Bureau (ACIB) Terry Young who was elevated to the rank of ACP. Head of the Port-of-Spain CID, Glen Hackette, head of Northern Division Stephen Ramsubhag, head of the Homicide Investigations Bureau Wayne Dick and head of the Criminal Intelligence Unit (CIU) John Martinez were among those promoted to the rank of Senior Superintendent.

This is the third time that the promotional assessment process has taken place in the TTPS. The process was first introduced in 2007 and completed for the second time in 2008. Williams said the service is working on problems which arose the first three times the process was undertaken so the fourth phase which they expect to undergo in 2012 would be almost perfect.

Police Social and Welfare Association president Sgt Anand Ramesar advised the promoted officers to have compassion for and be sensitive to the concerns of their colleagues who are now their subordinates. He told them to continue to be mentors.

Gibbs said the promotion demonstrates the commitment to transforming and modernising the police service and he expressed the belief that with new leaders and managers, they can achieve their goals.

He said officers have to make the most of their promotions for the process to be effective.


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