Muslim League supports emergency

In a statement which was emailed to the media by Foreign Affairs and Communications parliamentary secretary Nicole Dyer Griffith, TML president general Nasser Mustapha said, “While the introduction of this measure took the nation by complete surprise and may have inconvenienced a few, it is definitely time for all citizens to appreciate the urgency of the situation.”

He added, “In times of crisis we need to go beyond our own personal needs and concerns, we need to look at the bigger picture, we need to look at the nation as a whole and how before our very eyes, the few criminal elements in society have gone totally out of control and continue to violate the rights of weak and innocent citizens.”

Mustapha continued, “Citizens cannot wait any longer. Every day that we procrastinate could mean the loss of lives, including people close to us.”

Noting that the curfew associated with the state of emergency is taking place in the month of Ramadan, Mustapha said prayers at mosques across the country have stared from at about 7.35 pm, thereby allowing worshippers to complete the prayer at about 8.35 pm and return home on time.


"Muslim League supports emergency"

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