Rowley has more questions for Govt

Rowley will ask Justice Minister Herbert Volney to indicate whether any person has been appointed to the post of executive director of the Immigration Detention Centre. Rowley’s will ask Volney to indicate whether this post was advertised, the names of the applicants interviewed, whether anyone was hired for the post, the name of that person, and whether the person was interviewed and what are the emoluments and prerequisites attached to the post.

Rowley, who is also Diego Martin West MP, will also ask Food Production Minister Vasant Bharath for an update on the construction of the Carenage fish market and waterfront development which is located within his constituency.

Rowley’s questions to Volney and Bharath are listed on the Order Paper for next Friday’s House sitting before National Security Minister Brigadier John Sandy opens debate on a motion which calls upon the House to take note of President George Maxwell Richards’ statement which sets out the grounds on which the state of emergency was declared.

At a briefing on Wednesday, Rowley said Government could have used the provisions of the Anti-Gang Act 2011, which was passed in Parliament in May to deal with the recent crime upsurge, instead of calling a state of emergency. Before Rowley asks his questions, the Government will lay a total of 42 papers at the start of the sitting of the House. These papers include the President’s statement about the state of emergency, two reports from the Salaries Review Commission and regulations for the rates of pay and allowances for members of the Defence Force. Finance Minister Winston Dookeran will lay 17 of these 42 papers.

Sandy and Housing Minister Dr Roodal Moonilal will each lay four papers. The remaining 21 papers will be laid by Public Administration Minister Carolyn Seepersad-Bachan, Trade and Industry Minister Stephen Cadiz, Sports Minister Anil Roberts, Local Government Minister Chandresh Sharma, Tourism Minister Anil Roberts and Attorney General Anand Ramlogan.

Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan will lay the Regional Health Authorities Amendment Bill 2011 at next Friday’s sitting.


"Rowley has more questions for Govt"

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