Cops grab 72 in Southern Division

During the exercises, a large quantity of paint was seized from three men who were in a makeshift house in Tarodale, Tarouba.

Spearheading the exercises were ASP Zamsheed Mohammed, ag Insp Parsons and Sgt Don Gajadhar.

The exercises began during curfew hours from 9 pm on Friday and ended yesterday at 5 am.

A police report stated that 17 persons were arrested for gang-related offences. On Friday, several persons appeared in the San Fernando Magistrates’ Court charged with being a gang member.

Under Section 5: Sub-section 6 of the Bail Act as amended by Act 11of 2011, a person cannot be granted bail either by a magistrate or a judge within 120 days from which the charge was read by a magistrate. If after this period the matter has not started, then the accused can apply for bail.

During the exercise, other persons were arrested for narcotics, warrants, robberies and other crimes. Several houses were searched during the exercise.

In Tableland, two unemployed men, aged 24 and 54, were arrested for possession of cocaine. Tickets were also issued to 10 persons who breached traffic offences by PCs Teeluck, Robinson and Sinanan.

This exercise was conducted under the supervision of Sgt Jaikaran and Cpl Bhagwandeen. The men are expected to be charged today and will appear in the Princes Town Magistrates’ Court.


"Cops grab 72 in Southern Division"

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