Gang members create stir at Guantanamo

Sunday Newsday understands that the detainees have all been placed in an area of the Golden Grove Prison known as Guantanamo. The detained gang members are from different areas throughout the country, and some were warring before the state of emergency was announced. Due to space restrictions, however, prison authorities have been unable to separate some of the warring factions. As a result, attempts are being made to have temporary detention centres set up during the state of emergency to prevent any chaotic situation emerging.

Sunday Newsday was told that prisons officers are expressing concern over the additional responsibilities of overseeing the gang members at the Arouca prison and they are anxious to ascertain from the authorities how soon the temporary detention centres will be set up.

Yesterday, Ceron Richards, secretary of the Prisons Officers Association, said, “We haven’t anticipated any problems so far as regards housing them, but we anticipate as the weeks progress, if the numbers increase by significant amounts, maybe over 150 or so, we will be experiencing some difficulties in terms of adequately airing them and separating them. Separating gang members, that will bring about less tension and so, but so far things have been pretty normal.”

He is hoping the prison administration takes necessary steps to mitigate the situation in a more efficient manner. However, Prisons Commissioner John Rougier has said there is enough space for the growing influx of prisoners.

Yesterday, Minister of National Security Brigadier John Sandy said Rougier had also given the assurance that he has adequate space, but the authorities are looking at other locations. Two of the places being considered as detention centres is the Brian Lara Stadium in Tarouba and the existing detention centre in Aripo.


"Gang members create stir at Guantanamo"

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