Another gang leader arrested

Southern Division’s ACP Fitzroy Frederick, North Eastern’s ACP Eulyna Julius and senior officers in the Northen Division gave their commendations following several arrests overnight on Friday of persons believed to be gang members, murder suspects, thieves, drug pushers and illegal immigrants. In one report, a gang leader from Tunapuna was detained.

According to a police report, exercises were conducted in Tunapuna, St Joseph, Arima, Marabella, Pleasantville and San Fernando from Friday night into Saturday morning. A senior police officer told Newsday that in the Southern Division, more than 48 persons were taken into custody on outstanding warrants and gang-related activities.

Five were arrested for wounding, three for armed robberies, two for the possession of cocaine, three illegal immigrants were detained and the others were being questioned about various crimes.

In the Northern Division, police said, 28 persons were arrested on outstanding warrants, 14 for gang-related activities, and the leader of the St Vincent Street gang in Tunapuna was also held. Police said warrants will be issued for several persons wanted by the police and also to accommodate searches at undisclosed locations.


"Another gang leader arrested"

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