Nelson Street residents: Videos prove nothing

The video clips were shown during a press conference held after a seven-hour-long meeting of the National Security Council, at the Office of the Prime Minister in St Clair, Port-of-Spain.

The four video clips were obtained from closed-circuit cameras located along Nelson Street, and showed a fatal shooting, a shootout, and motorists being robbed by armed men while stuck in traffic.

However, when Newsday visited Nelson Street yesterday, residents said the video clips that were released changed nothing.

“If they have evidence about some people, then they should go after those people and charge those people. But as it stands, it doesn’t change a thing. The police came and arrested a group of men en masse and charged them all under a new law that removes all their rights, without any evidence whatsoever.

“They hold a lot of innocent men and then kept them in prison for three weeks for no reason. When you are dealing with people’s children and people’s loved ones, Peter should never have to pay for Paul, while Paul pays for all,” explained one resident, who refused to disclose his name.

Atiba Gorkin, one of the men released on Monday, also refused to speak to the media, explaining that he had received instructions from his attorney Vince Charles, that he should refrain from speaking to the press in the near future.

On Monday, 21 men from Nelson Street, charged with being members of the Nelson Street gang under the Anti-Gang Act, were released after Director of Public Prosecutions Roger Gaspard said there was insufficient evidence to lead a successful prosecution against them.

The other men who were released besides Gorkin included, Gerard Samuel, Nigel Trudge, Akeem Guerra, Anthony Darmanie, Christopher Richardson, Derek Miller, Andy Isaac, David Williams, Kevin Myler, Jules Eligon, Edwin Trotman, Akiel Ash, Winston Wilson, Jabari Martinez, Anthony Armstrong, Simba Cobas, Kareem Myer, Ronald Cobham, Akiel Joseph and Newton Pollard.


"Nelson Street residents: Videos prove nothing"

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