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Saturday 16 December 2017

Karen, Monteil to give evidence

FORMER CL Financial chief financial officer (CFO) Andre Monteil has been summoned to give evidence at the Commission of Inquiry into Clico, inquiry chairman Sir Anthony Colman revealed yesterday.

At the start of a seven-hour long hearing, Colman disclosed that Monteil has been summoned alongside five other witnesses including former finance minister Karen Nunez-Tesheira, another former CFO Michael Carballo, Clico agent Cyril Murray and conveyancing attorney Jo-Anne Julien. Monteil and Nunez-Tesheira had initially been summoned to attend the proceedings yesterday at the Winsure Building, Richmond Street, Port-of-Spain. Both were present at the courtroom at the second-floor of the building at the start of hearing. However, Colman adjourned the summons against each until November 7, which is expected to be the start of the next phase of hearings.

It was decided that the taking of the evidence in chief and cross-examination of Carballo would proceed first. That process started yesterday.

“So far as the other four witnesses are concerned Mr Monteil, Mr Murray and Karen Nunez- Tesheira will not be giving evidence during this session and I will adjourn their subpoenas to November 7,” Colman announced.

Monteil’s attorneys, led by Senior Counsel Martin Daly–who was present at the inquiry yesterday for Carballo’s evidence–have asked the commission for two days to cross-examine Carballo. Lawyers for former CL Financial executive chairman Lawrence Duprey have asked for two hours and lawyers for Nunez-Tesheira have requested one hour. The Clico Policyholders Group, led by attorney Lynette Seebaran-Suite, have asked for three hours to cross-examine Carballo on the basis of a witness statement he has submitted to the inquiry.


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