South fashion show tomorrow

The theme of the event is “From Emancipation to Independence to Republic,” and as the name suggests, the show incorporates fashion inspired by these three important events in our nation’s history.

When she spoke to Newsday earlier this week, a smiling Jonas expressed confidence that beginning at 10 am tomorrow at the Pleasantville Community Centre, the audience would experience a fashion extravaganza.

“I have been involved in fashion from birth,” Jonas said. “The year 2005 was a very sad time for me because my son had died. That death showed me how short life could be and I decided to make full use of my time.”

The show is being held in collaboration with the United Nuwaupians Worldwide in Trinidad, and part of the proceeds goes to charity. Nuwapiau, is an Egyptian word meaning the study of knowledge and right reasoning, Jonas said.

“We live for each other. The study of Nuwapiau helps people to remember where we came from and to love our food, clothing and so on. This show would have an African element so it incorporates such things, as well as the national colours (red, white and black). We are about peace,” Jonas said, as model Aaliah Cooper nodded her head in agreement.

Showcasing her talents is noting new. Three years ago Jonas introduced a clothing line entitled, “Shake and Go”. Explaining the unique designs, she said ideas to create her line of clothing are her original ideas. “Everything comes from my head. No Internet, no magazines, nothing. The ideas just come naturally,” said Jonas.

Tomorrow’s show would be a double celebration for Jonas, whose birthday is on September 28. In addition to live models, entertainment includes dancing, singing and drumming.


"South fashion show tomorrow"

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