‘Miss Miles’ at Little Carib

Written and directed by veteran actor, playwright and director Tony Hall, this one-woman play features award-winning actress Cecilia Salazar as Trinidadian activist, singer, fashionista and public servant Gene Miles.

The play traces the life of Miles, who took on the powerful state administration in an anti-corruption campaign, The Gas Station Racket in the 1960s. Miles died of a heart attack at the age years old.

Hall has a long career of documenting local lives and culture. He has worked with the Trinidad Theatre Workshop and at the pioneering Banyan Limited, and his acclaimed play, “Jean and Dinah,” is being adapted into a feature film.

Cecilia Salazar is one of Trinidad’s most celebrated and well-known actresses. She holds a BA in Theatre from Brock University in Ontario, Canada. She also holds the current record for the most awards for acting given to an individual in Trinidad and Tobago – seven Cacique Awards.

Partnering with Lordstreet Theatre for “Miss Miles” are producer Trevor Jadunath and Mauri “KeKere” Hall, who has written the music featured in the show and an award-winning production crew, including producer Trevor Jadunath, Theresa Awai, Christopher Cozier, Robin Foster, Sean Leonard, Wendell Manwarren, Leslynne Matthews, Desiree Sampson, Ian Smith, Caroline Taylor, and Celia Wells. The show’s development was funded in part by the Arts Support Alliance (TASA), and is being sponsored by the Ministry of Arts and Multiculturalism, i95.5FM, First Citizens Bank, Carib, MEP (Media and Editorial Projects), and Absolutions Design Studio.

Apart from building plays for street, stage as Lordstreet Theatre Company – LTC and screen as Lordstreet Pictures and the digital arts recording studios of Vengeance Media, Lordstreet also provides media and communications services to organisations on the islands and location, casting and production services for film, video and audio projects in the territories of the southern Caribbean. Vengeance Media, a digital recording arts facility, was started by Mauri “KeKere” Hall as A Tobago Music Project in November 2006. In 2010 he opened a sister Vengeance Media studio in Toronto Ontario and Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada. Lordstreet also co-ordinates the activity of the Jouvay Institute and a Playwrights Workshop.

The production continues tonight and tomorrow at 6.30 pm. Tickets are available at the Little Carib Box Office, from noon to 6 pm daily. Discounted tickets are available for university students with valid student ID.

For more information about the production, additional ticketing outlets, behind-the-scenes photos, and much more, visit Lordstreet Theatre’s Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/lordstreettheatre.


"‘Miss Miles’ at Little Carib"

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