Although the stroke has been described as mild, it is understood that Manning has displayed symptoms of paralysis on the left side of his body.

It has been reported that Manning's doctors from Cuba have been summoned to attend to him. (Manning has a history of being treated in Cuba where he has undergone several medical procedures included a surgery to remove a cancerous kidney in 2008). He also has a long standing heart condition.

Speaking with reporters this morning at the San Fernando General Hospital, Manning's wife, Hazel, said her husband will be kept for "a few days" at the hospital on doctors' orders.

"He is resting comfortably and they are going to keep him for a few days again," she said. "They are doing a number of tests on him and hopefully at the end of the time maybe they could tell us exactly what has happened."

"Between the time that the stroke took place and now he has improved. They have to do more tests. They have done a battery of tests. He is partially paralysed."

Hazel said her husband has been attempting to speak but has been unable to.

"He is attempting to get up and attempting to speak. He is recognising people and recognising what is being said. The doctors are pleased with what they are seeing. He is attempting to talk."



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