The student, Kaya Rullow of Woodbrook was reportedly forced to stand outside his Standard III classroom for almost three hours after the incident, on the instruction of the teacher.

However, when his father Parvar Rullow arrived at the school to take his son home, he was told the disturbing news.

An incensed Rullow went to the St Clair Police Station where he lodged a report with Woman Police Corporal Ferrette. The schoolboy told police that shortly after midday on Tuesday he and another student from his class, were playing tag near the boys’ restrooms when they were confronted by the teacher who chastised them both for playing in the toilet area.

The boy told police that he was grabbed by the teacher who forced him into the toilet stall and forced his head into the toilet bowl before flushing. Water from the toilet bowl splashed over the boy’s face and head. The frightened boy said he began gasping as the water cascaded over his face with some of the water entering his nose and mouth.

Young Kaya told police that when he began fighting to get his head out of the toilet bowl, the teacher pulled his face from the bowl and took him to the front of his class where he was ordered to stand for close to three hours until the school bell rang at about 3 pm to herald the end of classes for the day.

The boy claimed that the incident was witnessed by another student who is expected to be interviewed by the police today. Kaya was taken by his mother to the Port-of-Spain General Hospital yesterday afternoon to be medically examined to ascertain if he suffered any injuries as a result of the incident.

Police sources revealed that the teacher was called to the St Clair Police Station yesterday and told to give a statement on the allegations. Up to press time, the teacher was still at the police station being quizzed by Cpl Ferrette and Sgt Gokool. The teacher reportedly expressed remorse for her action.

Newsday understands that the incident sparked widespread talk among students of the school and their parents.

Kaya who reported for classes yesterday was reportedly taunted by other students and called “toilet boy” but because he is considered a strong-willed student he did not cry or show any sign of being embarrassed.

His father Parvar Rullow told Newsday yesterday that the teacher apologised to him yesterday for the incident but he believes that an apology is not enough. “I have to go through the process of the law to correct something like this. I am asking the system to deal with this situation. I feel hurt, embarrassed and children are calling my son “toilet boy”.

“It bothered me enough to take action. I believe this should never be repeated to another student. This is outside the norm, very inhumane and not action becoming of an educator.

“However my son is a very high spirited, well balanced child and I do not intend to let this incident disrupt his schooling,” the angry father said. Rullow pointed out that this incident should never have happened and his son, in fact no child, deserves such treatment.

Rullow said he has every confidence that the law will take its course in this matter.



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