I plotted with Manning, Imbert

Speaking during the motion of no confidence against Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar, Warner attacked Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley, saying Rowley only brought the motion because of the absence of Manning, who is currently on leave from Parliament after suffering a stroke.

Warner said in 2009 he had a meeting with Diego Martin North/East MP Imbert at Imbert’s office in the course of a plan to oust Rambachan as a “show of power” to Panday.

“I went to his office,” Warner said.

Looking at Imbert, he added, “I spoke with you in the board room because I wanted your two officers (on the city corporation) to vote (for my candidate).

“You called Patrick Manning. He said yes,” Warner said.

“It was to show Mr Panday we had some power.”

Warner said Imbert did not want Warner’s first candidate (Orlando Nagessar) and so Warner had to find another. Natasha Navas was eventually sworn in. Warner said this victory was a key step towards unseating Panday, clearing the way for Persad-Bissessar.

“All of us here have an investment in Mrs Persad-Bissessar and her future and where she is,” Warner said.

He criticised Rowley’s contribution to the motion.

“Today he has pushed the PNM further back,” Warner said of Rowley’s motion.

“He has weakened the party. We have been here for 24-hours in a non-debate. The member for Diego Martin North-East Colm Imbert gave more ‘kangkatang’.”

He continued, “(Rowley) almost lost his seat to Gavin Nicholas in the 2010 elections by just three maxi-taxis. As far as I am concerned, the member for Diego Martin West (Rowley) has no moral authority. He’s all dressed up with nowhere to go. This country is not ready for him. In fact, I don’t think it will ever be. This motion is vexatiuuns. This is an abuse of process.”

Warner suggested that the timing of Rowley’s motion was linked to the absence of Manning, who remains hospitalised in Washington DC.

“In two months time Mr Manning is back, and when Mr Manning is back the gulf in the PNM will get wider,” Warner said.

“For a long time the member for Diego Martin West has been living in the shadow of the member for San Fernando East.

“He (Rowley) rushed at the opportunity for this motion, but the member for Diego Martin North/East (Colm Imbert) gave us more bombshells. When (Manning) returns (Rowley) will be relegated to first mate because the captain will be back. So this no confidence motion has nothing to do with Mrs Persad-Bissessar.”


"I plotted with Manning, Imbert"

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