Co-worker: She was looking scared and helpless

I, DENNISION HENRY, Clerk I, at the Ministry of Gender Youth and Child Development in the City of Port-of-Spain, in the Island of Trinidad make oath and say as follows:-

The facts deposed to herein are true and correct and within my own personal knowledge save and except where stated to be on information in which case I verily do believe the same to be true;

On 21st March, 2012, at about 3 pm, I was at my office situated at Level 21 of Tower D, International Waterfront Complex, Wrightson Road, Port-of-Spain; I saw Cheryl Miller talking to no one in particular, saying that, things were wrong in this Ministry and that everyone was against her. She was not shouting, but speaking in a louder tone than usual and speaking sternly;

A Supervisor, Ms Ragoobar, approached her and asked her to keep her voice down. Cheryl Miller turned around on her and told her that as the head she was encouraging that foolishness. The Supervisor repeated her request. Cheryl Miller continued to say that there was wickedness around the office;

A Deputy Permanent Secretary came to Ms Ragoobar. By then, Cheryl Miller had stopped talking. Ms Pascall asked Ms Ragoobar a question. Ms Ragoobar replied: “This is how she has been getting on”;

Miss Pascall asked Cheryl Miller what was the problem. Cheryl Miller replied: “They are all against me”. Ms Pascall asked her if she wanted to leave, Cheryl Miller said: “No, it is wrong, wrong, wrong!”;

Miss Pascall then said: “You are disturbing the staff. I have been walking around and you are the only person I am hearing”; All attempts to soothe her failed, Cheryl Miller kept voicing her complaint. Miss Pascall told her again: “You are disturbing the staff” and repeated this in a louder and louder tone. Cheryl Miller was trying to explain her plight as Miss Pascall said the discussion was over and left;

The Permanent Secretary, Mr Jones then came to Cheryl Miller and listened to Cheryl. The Permanent Secretary then asked her to put her complaint down in writing. Cheryl accused the Permanent Secretary of supporting the wrong. The Permanent Secretary then left;

Minister (Verna) St Rose-Greaves came and spoke to Cheryl Miller. The Minister was asking, ‘who is against you?’; The Minister said to her, put it down in writing. The Minister then left;

About 15 minutes later I heard Miss Pascall asking for Miss Ragoobar to come over to Miss Lutchman’s desk. Miss Ragoobar did not comply. Miss Pascall then said loudly: “Will you come over please?” I then stood up and saw a tall lady with a low hairstyle in a green jersey and jeans in Cheryl Miller’s cubicle. The lady was shuffling some papers. I then saw 2 men wearing similar green jerseys. They all had “badges” or name tags;

I then saw those men forcibly holding and carrying Cheryl Miller by her arms to the elevator and out of the door. Cheryl was not fighting but she was unwilling and being dragged; She almost tearfully was saying: “Miss Pascall, I spoke to you, why are you doing this to me?”; She was looking scared and helpless; I was told by Miss Ragoobar that she did not know who they were or where they were taking Cheryl Miller;

I noticed that Cheryl Miller’s bag was still at her desk. I also saw paper with Cheryl’s handwriting on it. I read it and it was an apology addressed to the Minister for disturbing the staff. I showed it to Miss Ragoobar; I then left at 4 pm.



"Co-worker: She was looking scared and helpless"

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