Natural Yogic healing with Yogi Aftab Singh

He is currently visiting Trinidad and will be offering workshops, classes and private healing sessions. According to his website, (, Yogi Aftab will conduct four three-hour sessions between Saturday and Sunday (July 7 and 8), at Alicia's Palace. He will also teach several 45-minute meditation classes at nine other venues, and he will hold private sessions in the Port-of-Spain and Couva areas.

The Cultivating Intimacy Workshop, according to the information on the site, is perfect for single people who want to attract intimacy and/or manifest desires and ideal for couples who would like to rekindle tenderness and create soul mating. This workshop will take place tomorrow at 9 am to noon and 2 pm to 5 pm.

At the Intensive Healing Workshop participants can learn how heal themselves and others by applying a 26 point healing system, release trigger points, develop healing power and clear sub-conscious trauma. This workshop takes place on Sunday at 9 am to noon and 2 pm to 5 pm.

Among the topics to be explored are”

- How to attract and explore intimate relationships, with focus on the influence of the Moon and its physical centres.

- How to cultivate your creative energies using Tantra and Kundalini practices.

- Healing techniques for clearing physical energy blocks.

- Healing techniques for clearing Karma and subconscious trauma

In a press release, Yogi Aftab, quoting Yogi Bhajan, said, “Relaxation is the key to natural healing. If you can relax a person then you can stimulate the healing process.”

Yogi said, “Over the last 35 years, I have found this to indeed be true, and I enjoy teaching students how easy it is to heal oneself, and others, using this principle. I use a system called ‘Meridian Chakra Healing,’ and I have combined it with specific Kundalini Yoga techniques in order to increase its effectiveness. These are my main tools for stimulating healing, and I have found, over the years, that people respond extremely well when these methods are applied, and that they are very easy to learn.”

According to Yogi Aftab, the nexus of this healing practice is based on techniques learnt directly from the Tantric Master, Yogi Bhajan. The technique, he said, breaks through the mental barriers that inhibit the natural healing process. It relaxes and rebuilds the entire system, clears away psychic junk, and simulates self-healing. The process is also very relaxing, and can be described as similar to being in a deep, meditative state.

The Meridians are like the electrical circuits in the body. In the Chinese system there are twelve main meridians, and in the Indian system, where they are called “nadis,” there are three. Electrical pulses, Ki or Prana, flow up, down, and through the body by way of these meridians or nadis. When electricity moves through an object it creates an electromagnetic field, and this happens also in the human body. This electromagnetic field charges the Aura and the Chakras.

According to Yogi Aftab, “When stresses, or emotional, mental, and psychic blocks inhibit our energy, we become ineffective. Sluggish lymph drainage and painful muscle knots – trigger points – may be the first indications of a stressed or unhealthy condition. The energy flow through the meridians then becomes weak or erratic, and the Chakras are undernourished, causing illness. However, if our energies are allowed to flow freely, health and wellbeing are encouraged, the Chakras are nourished, and our electro-magnetic fields, or Auras, are strengthened and enhanced. This is how healing begins.”

During the actual application of the Healing Technique, the client removes his or her shoes, but otherwise remains fully clothed, and lies on his or her back, on a table or a soft padding. The sessions last from 45 minutes to one and a half hours, depending on how easy it is to rebalance an individual's energy flow.

After the treatment, as a way to help maintain the balanced state, Yogi Aftab suggests a specific Kundalini Yoga routine that suits this particular person and his or her condition. Usually only one treatment session is all that is needed to sufficiently clear the mind and trigger healing, but if a person has a chronic condition or has suffered some extreme trauma, then a repeat session or two may be necessary.

He said in most instances, an adverse condition in our mental and emotional states will be reflected in the physical body as disease, discomfort or pain, and that by removing the internal energy blocks and allowing my clients' energies to flow harmoniously, they will experience a renewed or rejuvenated sense of calm, joy and improved health.

“It is my hope that I will get to share this knowledge and technique with as many people as possible during my visit here in Trinidad,” he said.

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"Natural Yogic healing with Yogi Aftab Singh"

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