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Saturday 24 March 2018

‘The Human Race’ Carnival meets fashion at K2K launch

When K2K Alliance and Partners launches its 2013 Carnival presentation The Human Race on Thursday (August 9) at Queen’s Hall, St Ann’s, patrons will experience what the next generation of mas presentations will look like – futuristic, unique, sophisticated, sexy and haute couture.

But that’s just the mas. Patrons and followers of K2K Alliance and Partners can also expect to experience a grand and gala production to launch off its ten-section presentation. The presentation, produced by Mervyn De Goeas, is being described as high fashion and theatre. According to De Goeas, the production will be like no other production staged at Queen’s Hall. He described the evening as a high fashion event which will give patrons an opportunity to look their best and experience an evening of theatre, mas and great food.

While Queen’s Hall may be an unusual venue to stage a mas presentation launch, De Goeas said the venue is perfect for the type of production he intends to stage. He said the production is one which can be staged anywhere in the world. “It’s going to be an elegant evening. It’s not a big fete which is synonymous with band launches these days; it’s a high stepping evening. Ladies and gentlemen will have an opportunity to dress up and attend a social and elegant event with a spectacular production like no other,” De Goeas explained.

“K2K Alliance is a different type of band. It is not the usual launch where you will see section after section. It’s a grand theatre production, high fashion and cocktail event. It’s not a show that you think that you are going to come and sit down and see. You will also be networking and socialising and enjoying the ambience,” he added.

Meanwhile, Karen Norman, one of K2K founders and designers described the launch event as intriguing and one which the fashion and mas industry will not want to miss out on. “It’s a different experience. It’s fashion meets mas. It pushes the limit on design and kinetics,” Norman said. When it comes to the costumes, Norman said her team has worked with a lot of sophisticated fabrics. She described the costumes as sexy but not vulgar. She said after Carnival Monday and Tuesday, the fashionable haute couture could be transformed and worn 365 days a year.

“We are giving masqueraders another choice; it’s an exciting choice. People are looking for something new and different; it’s hard to find the medium ground which we are hoping to find but if you really want to try a different experience it’s the only thing we can ask you to do. We are expanding the imagination of the masquerader and the onlooker. We want people to be excited about mas again,” Norman said.

Last month K2K Alliance and Partners gave supporters a peek at its presentation on Wednesday at Goodwood Park, West Moorings.


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