Olympians celebration postponed

Minister of Sport, Anil Roberts, had previously indicated that September 3 (today) was the date a grand affair for the athletes would take place.

Roberts had stated, “a special gala celebration for the bronze medallists, Lalonde Gordon; the 4x400 (metre relay) team, even the substitutes of that team; for the 4x100 men, for every single athlete who made Trinidad and Tobago’s Olympic representation the most successful in history,” would be held.

But speaking to Newsday yesterday, Adrian Raymond, Communications Specialist, Sport Company of Trinidad and Tobago, revealed that the event had to be postponed till later this month.

“We want to make sure we have as many of the athletes here. I’ve been liaising with the athletes with respect to their availability. Once Shanntol Ince and Carlos Greene are finished at the Paralympics we will have everyone back. As you know Kelly-Ann Baptiste is still competing in Europe so we’re waiting on everybody,” he said.

Asked what date was being considered, Raymond hesitantly revealed that the function is likely to be held between September 10-18.

“It will happen before Republic Day (September 24) and after the Paralympics (September 9) so between September 10-18 is the most reasonable time period. We don’t have a date pinned down but I’m liaising with stakeholders and it will all depend on the availability of the athletes and the Prime Minister,” he concluded.


"Olympians celebration postponed"

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