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Petrotrin to be split into two Mayaro watchman shot dead TTUTA outraged over attack ARMED ROBBERY AT SCHOOL $500,000 bail for kidnapping, raping Colombian
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Thursday 22 February 2018


Bacolet/Mt St George
(PNM) Joel Jack (PFT) Juliana Henry-King (TOP) Gladstone Solomon

Goodwood/Belle Garden West
(PNM) Hayden Spencer (PFT) Petrina Shanghie (TOP) Steve Jack*

Bethel/Mt Irvine
(PNM) Handel Beckles (PFT) Haynes Cowie Clarke (TOP) Sherry Ann Rollocks-Hackett

Black Rock/Whim/Spring Garden
(PNM) Claudia Groome-Duke* (PFT) Curtis Douglas (TOP) Theodil McPherson

Buccoo/Mt Pleasant
(PNM) Ancil Dennis (PFT) Ricardo Phillip (TOP) Richard Alfred

Canaan/Bon Accord
(PNM) Huey Cadette (PFT) Barry Nelson (TOP) Rolly Quaccoo*

Lambeau/Signal Hill
(PNM) Jomo Pitt (PFT) David Fraser (TOP) Chester Robinson Alleyne

Parlatuvier/L’Anse Foumi/Speyside
(PNM) Tracey Davidson Celestine* (PFT) Samuel Mapp (TOP) Fitzherbert Taylor

Plymouth/Golden Lane
(PNM) Godwin Adams* (PFT) Hochoy Charles (TOP) Certica Williams-Orr
Providence/Mason Hall/Moriah
(PNM) Sheldon Cunningham (PFT) Earnest Belfon (TOP) Ashworth Jack*

Belle Garden East/Roxborough Delaford
(PNM) Hilton Sandy* (PFT) Senya Marin (TOP) Anslem Richards

Scarborough/Calder Hall
(PNM) Orville London* (PFT) Andre Phillips (TOP) Anthony Arnold

* — incumbent


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