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Friday 23 March 2018

NPTA: Improve security

Zena Ramatali, president of the National Parent Teachers Association (NPTA), has called upon the Ministry of Education to improve security in schools.

This after an attempted rape of an infant student on the California Government Primary School compound earlier this week.

“We are very disappointed about that situation. We want tighter security in schools. Put the welfare of the children first,” Ramatali told Newsday at the Second National Patriotism Fair where the NPTA had its own booth.

Ramatali said parents send their children to school expecting them to be safe. But the attack on the student would be both traumatizing for both the child and parent. She now wonders how parents could feel secure about sending their children to school.

Ramatali said the first priority of any principal is to ensure the safety of students, but a principal should never be attacked.

She commended California’s principal for her bravery, saying there should be more guards present at all times - enough to fully protect the premises.

“It is time that we step up to the plate with the security of our students. The Minister (Dr Tim Gopeesingh) must set a task force to ensure the security of schools,” Ramatali said.

Communication Specialist at the Ministry Yolanda Morales-Carvalho, told Newsday that Ministry officials would meet with different security companies to improve security at schools across the nation.

Ramatali hopes the attack on the infant would not be quickly forgotten. She claims there is a “nine day wonder” in Trinidad and Tobago, where people quickly forget important incidents. She hopes this unfortunate occurrence would force the Ministry to improve the safety of all schools across the country.


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