PM: A horrifying tragedy

According to reports, Haydee Paul, together with her daughters, Akasha and Shakira, eight and seven years of age respectively, and several other persons were walking along the pavement towards their Sea Lots home after a trip to the Central Market when they were struck by a Toyota Corolla car driven by the policeman.

Paul and her two children were killed instantly while several other persons had to be rushed to hospital. The incident sparked violent demonstrations after Sea Lots residents claimed police officers who arrived at the scene seemed to pay special attention to the driver of the vehicle, who was reportedly another police officer while neglecting the injured persons.

Speaking following the launch of a NEDCO branch office at Bhupsingh Street, SS Erin Road Penal, yesterday, Persad-Bissessar said it would not be “prudent” to comment on the fatal accident which is now being investigated.

“It is really a horrifying tragedy. All we can say is that on our nation’s roads we need to be far more careful. I am advised again that an investigation will be undertaken into the circumstances surrounding the matter...a sensitive matter that will now come under police investigation and may or may not become a court matter. We will want to be prudent until we learn more of the facts surrounding the incident,” she said.

Asked whether she is satisfied with the performance of National Security Minister Jack Warner, she would only say that the National Security Council, which she chairs, continues to review national security strategies.

“We continue to do our best, we stay focused on the issue, as I’ve always said, there is room for improvement in many areas, we continue to work in the best interests of our citizens,” she added.


"PM: A horrifying tragedy"

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