WIN TV fires reporter

The comments voiced dissatisfaction with yesterday morning’s protest action by Sea Lots residents, as well as previous protest action by residents of Beetham, Laventille and Maloney.

In a press release, Win TV’s communications general manager Sunil Ramdeen, disassociated the company with Heeralal’s statements and also condemned them strongly.

“It is an affront to every employee in this company, as it is to the country as a whole, to make statements that seek to divide or condemn along lines of race. Even worse in a way that seems to incite violence against any particular race,” Ramdeen said in the release.

The release stated that the company, its employees and management were “shocked and repulsed” by the comments which showed a serious lack of judgement.

It also stated that WIN Comunications took the responsibility of the media to represent the views of all the people of Trinidad and Tobago seriously and worked hard to safeguard national unity. “We end by saying we never and will never support any discriminatory position, real or insinuated,” the release stated.


"WIN TV fires reporter"

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