Head of State a hit on social network

Many people posted their congratulations on Twitter and Facebook. Some shared quotes from his speech, while many liked and commented on what he said.

A man who identified himself as Hayden Dunn on Twitter said, “This TT President looking like a no nonsense man. Anthony Carmona don’t look like he became President to party hard. His speech inspired me!”

Tramaine Trotman also posted about her faith in Carmona’s capabilities.

“Finally got a chance to listen to our new, President Anthony Carmona’s speech...T’was an excellent speech...he gave me renewed hope in TT!” She said.

Marlon A Hill said on his Twitter account, “One of the most honest speeches I have heard from a Caribbean leader in a long time —President Anthony Carmona of TT.”

While C News had full live coverage of the swearing in ceremony, their Facebook page C News Live, posted excerpts from Carmona’s speech, which were shared and commented on by many people on Facebook.

Carmona’s line “We need to re-examine our work ethic. Give a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay. We need to be less dependent on the State,” received 27 likes and three comments.

Taran Bhola responded to this post by saying, “Politicians must take notes and set the example.”

The line “Leaders are also responsible and accountable in the exercise of their functions. Being responsible and accountable is a two-way street,” received 30 likes and two comments.

Replying to this post, Darrell Leacock said, “They (leaders) are accountable to every citizen of Trinidad and Tobago.”


"Head of State a hit on social network"

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