Hinn asks for $600 donations

Addressing hundreds of followers during the first of two crusades at the Hasely Crawford Stadium in Port-of-Spain on Saturday night, Hinn, 60, declared, “I did not take not even half a cent, I am doing this freely, because I love Trinidad.

“I did not even receive any personal gifts. This is not for me but for the kingdom.”

Hinn made this statement as he urged believers to contribute US$100 or its local equivalent TT$600 towards the expenses for the two-day event which was hosted by the Woodbrook Pentecostal Church. Hinn told worshippers that the contribution which he described as “sowing a seed” would ensure prosperity in their lives. The turnaround in their personal fortunes he said would begin today.

“You will produce a harvest for the rest of your life. There will be a miracle in your finances and that of your family,” he said.

Hinn made it clear though, that the contributions would not go to the US “but will stay here for God to take care of you.”

Believers flocked to the front of the large stage on the northern side of the stadium to make their contributions, while others who opted to remain seated in the stands were given envelopes to place their offerings.

Dressed in his signature black suit, the charismatic Hinn, making his fourth visit to TT, appeared on stage shortly after 6 pm on Friday to a rousing welcome. After greeting the crowd, he sang a lively rendition of the popular hymn “How Great Thou Art” and other songs of praise. The crowd joined in, singing, dancing and clapping. Hinn would whip the crowd into a “spiritual frenzy” for the remainder of the event.

“I say it in Trinidad, there is none like you Lord, none so forgiving. Oh people of God, give him a mighty hand,” he said. The crowd roared. Hinn then urged the gathering to prepare for their salvation.

“I think about my eternity and I want you to think about your eternity,” he said.

“Every minute on planet earth over 100,000 people die.”

Towards the end of the four-hour event, the televangelist invited the sick, downtrodden, and broken-hearted to come to the front of the stage where he offered a special healing interlude.

Several believers gave personal testimonies of how they were healed through the sheer power of the Holy Spirit during the crusade. About ten doctors were also on hand to corroborate their stories of healing.

One woman claimed she had suffered from a pinched nerve for some time, but was able to “move, jump, and twist”, during the event.

During the crusade, Hinn made no reference to his somewhat controversial past in this country. In previous visits, Hinn had described former Prime Minister Patrick Manning and his spiritual adviser Juliana Pena as “foolish”. He was also criticised by the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha and other groups for saying that he had cast out many demons in this country.

On Sunday, Hinn stopped photographers from taking photos, saying they had taken enough for the day.


"Hinn asks for $600 donations"

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