AG’s security knocks down man

Supt Johnny Abraham, of the Central Division, revealed last evening that acting Sgt Jordan was selected to conduct the inquiry.

Premnath “Leggins” Rampaul, 49, was on his way home to collect his identification card to go and vote accompanied by a friend when a black vehicle driven by the security escort of the Attorney General knocked him down.

Two soldiers and a police officer were occupants in the vehicle which struck Rampaul, police said. The incident occurred at about 9 am at School Lane near the Felicity Presbyterian Primary School polling station.

Police officers responded to a report of a traffic accident and saw Rampaul, of Cacandee Road, Felicity, on the roadside with injuries to his right ankle. He was taken to Chaguanas Health Centre where he received medical attention, before being moved to a private institution for further medical care.

A eyewitness said a black vehicle was proceeding along Green Street, into Lyle Lane and then to School Lane, followed by two vehicles. Rampaul and his friend Garth David had left David’s house on School Lane and were heading to Rampaul’s home to get his identification card for him to vote when the black vehicle knocked down Rampaul. It is reported the vehicle did not stop at first, and only did so when alerted by passers-by. Later, a marked police vehicle reported to the scene, although it took close to an hour for an ambulance to arrive.

“I saw Leggins bleeding on the ground. The black vehicle did not stop and instead drove across Cacandee Road and into Greenidge Street,” said the eyewitness.

Independent Liberal Party (ILP) political leader Jack Warner was also at the scene, and he looked on as paramedics attended to Rampaul.

Ramlogan, who was not in the black vehicle, later called a press conference at the United National Congress (UNC) sub-office in Felicity.

The Attorney General claimed his security detail was being followed by a vehicle with ILP activist and broadcaster Inshan Ishmael, moments before the accident. He accused Ishmael of reckless driving.

Ramlogan said he was advised Rampaul suffered a broken ankle.

Asked if his security detail drove off after Rampaul was knocked down, Ramlogan said, “I do not know what transpired when the accident occurred. I was not there. But the law will take its course. I was nowhere near the scene. I was at a completely different location. The reports came to me long after the facts.”

At the “appropriate time” Ramlogan promised to visit Rampaul.

Ishmael, at a press conference at his IBN television station, Bamboo, Valsayn, broadcast a video of him following the AG’s security detail when he recogised the vehicle in the constituency. He denied tailgating the vehicle and reported that he had visited the police and promised to provide them with a copy of the clips he had made, which he played for reporters.


"AG’s security knocks down man"

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