Employees evacuate Matco Building

The 75 men and women who work there complained of a “strong stench” that has been permeating the premises since August 16 last.

The building houses various offices of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS), including the Police Complaints Division, the Professional Standards Unit, and the Police Service’s Crime and Problem Analysis (CAPA). Speaking with Newsday yesterday, Duke said “the stench is likely coming from dead rats and pigeons somewhere in the building. It is air-conditioned, so employees on all three floors have been breathing in this contaminated air for the past ten days.”

Noting that persons who work inside the building have been complaining of feeling nauseous, Duke declared “this building is killing people,” and cited the fact that while he was there yesterday morning, a policeman began coughing up blood.

The PSA president also said an officer, whom he identified as Senior Superintendent Cumberbatch, also complained of feeling nauseous and generally unwell during a similar walkout last week Tuesday (August 20). “That officer died over the weekend. No one should be occupying that building in its current state.

It is only fit to be a morgue,” Duke said.

He also cited several other health and safety concerns to support his call for an immediate re-location of public servants and police officers.


"Employees evacuate Matco Building"

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