Swine flu patients still in London hospital

The patient in the ICU is Madree Swamad, who together with her husband Earl Swamad, were on the pilgrimage. On Sunday, Khan told Newsday a notice was put out for all those who were on the tour group.

This year about 250 people from TT made the annual pilgrimage in four groups. Khan is calling on the different groups to inform the Ministry of Health of their situation.

Expressing concern for the health of the three patients, he said he was happy that they did not contract the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), a viral respiratory illness first reported in Saudi Arabia in 2012.

The MERS virus, he said, has a higher mortality rate than H1N1. Earlier this month, Khan reported that there were two suspected swine flu deaths in Trinidad.


"Swine flu patients still in London hospital"

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