Flamenco for transplants

However, this year it was Barcelona in the North that was featured in the video preceding the performance because the Donation and Transplantation Institute of Barcelona has trained transplant surgeons both here and in Spain for TT’s National Organ Transplant Unit (NOTU) that was the focus of the Spanish Christmas Concert this year. The evening began with the speeches, in particular and most important, an impassioned plea from Dr Lesley Roberts of the National Organ Transplant Unit for members of the audience to sign up to become a donor at the booth set up in the reception area of Queen’s Hall.

Next Sr Luis Polo of Repsol, the Platinum sponsor of the concert, spoke briefly, followed by the Deputy Head of Mission in the Spanish Embassy, Beatriz Lorenzo.

Then the three musicians took the stage – one guitarist, Jes?s Guerrero and two singers, Kini de Jerez and Jes?s Corbacho.

Yet it was the dancers, Antonio Molino (El Choro) and Abel Harana that amazed with their dancing from the lightning speed of their feet drumming on the stage to the movements of arms and hands – and, of course, Luisa Palicio with her sinuous movements, her mastery in dancing with a heavy train as she spun around.Then came the intermission and Spanish wines and tapas while some lined up at the booth to register as an organ donor – after they have no more use for kidneys or corneas. Perhaps the intermission was too short for some who might have liked to sign up after they had had a glass of wine and a nibble or two but the flickering light, called them back into the auditorium – who knows? At any rate, that was the impression I got.

However, if you would like to save two lives and someone’s sight when your time comes, you can check out the website www.health.gov.tt or call 800 DONOR or 662-7556. There’s only one thing that troubles me. I signed up to donate my kidneys and whatever organ may be of use after my death way back before the formal establishment of the NOTU. I exchanged my donor card at the concert for a plastic one with my photograph. However, will who ever is around when I snuff it know or remember that I’m a donor? I could be cremated, the organs destroyed before anyone thinks of checking my purse with my driver’s licence and the organ donor card tucked in beside it. Perhaps someone could devise a bracelet for both men and women to wear to let people know they are organ donors? Well, it’s just a suggestion …

After the intermission the performers, singers, guitarist, dancers, returned to the stage to dazzle and awe us with more impassioned flamenco.

Once again, our thanks to the Spanish Embassy, and to the performers for what is fast becoming one of the highlights of the Christmas season, the Spanish Christmas Flamenco concert.


"Flamenco for transplants"

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