Harnarine ‘unexpected’ that Court rules him bankrupt

On Wednesday Justice Joan Charles invoked the Bankruptcy Act to issue a receiving order against Harnarine in relation to an unpaid debt of court damages owed to Raymond and Pierre Limited, and Afra Raymond.

The judge ruled that an act of bankruptcy had been made out, constituted the Chief State Solicitor was receiver of the estate of Harnarine, and ordered him to pay Raymond’s bill.

“It was not unexpected, however all is not done here, a receiver will have to be appointed now,” Harnarine said. “Once appointed I will deal with it at that level. Sometimes they appoint someone else. My position is that the credit union is supposed to pay.” He said the case stemmed from an action for slander by Raymond over statements Harnarine made defending an HCU real estate valuation in relation to a Clico deal.


"Harnarine ‘unexpected’ that Court rules him bankrupt"

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