Aboud undaunted by public criticism

Aboud demonstrated by dumping a container of dead fish to show the public the large amount he had removed from the shore line in La Brea on Tuesday.

However, he was told by Larry Khan, a member of TT Industrial Fishing Association, that it was a fisherman who caught too much fish, and threw them on the beach.

They both engaged in a heated argument and eventually, apologised to each other. Aboud said his main concerns were about the health of the people of TT, and why IMA was not giving the country accurate and reliable information.

“What we are saying is, this is a state of emergency and the chairman of IMA is not even in the country. If one child or person dies from eating contaminated fish, ‘Petrotrin contaminated fish’, that is one person too many. No stupidity and ignorance will stop us from defending the people without a voice. We have a mandate to protect people, although a misunderstanding occurred between Khan and myself, we parted as gentlemen, and we will continue to defend innocent people,” he said.

Aboud said his life is in God’s hands, and there are thousands of people who know him, and he has nothing to fear.

“We have done nothing wrong, we are not the ones to blame, the blame is supposed to be put on the Government. They are the ones who are to lead and protect citizens of the country,” Aboud said.

He said with their last breath they will continue to make the public aware of the situation until the Government gets the situation under control.

Newsday also contacted fisherman Larry Khan and he noted that he has had a substantial loss in revenue for the Easter/Lenten season, while not going into specifics, he said his losses were in the tens of thousands, due to the lack of sales.


"Aboud undaunted by public criticism"

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