Pregnant schoolgirls could be suspended

The pregnant schoolgirls have been identified as members of the school’s football team while the fathers-to-be are said to be from the same school.

Gopeesingh said once the girls are found to be under the age of 16, police must institute criminal proceedings.

He said he was unaware of the incident.

“It has not been brought to the attention of the Minister of Education, the Chief Education Officer nor the schools supervisor. I have just read it this morning and I have asked for an investigation to be done into it immediately. If the girls are in fact pregnant, they will be suspended with immediate effect and if they are under the age of 16, that is a matter for the police. We will have to report it to the police as the law requires.”

On Saturday during a national consultation in Chaguanas, Zena Ramatali, President of the National Parent Teachers’ Association, revealed that the eight schoolgirls, one of whom is a Form One student, were all pregnant and no one has been arrested for having sex with the minors.

“If that had come to the attention or the knowledge of the principal, the schools supervisor or the teachers, they ought to have reported that to the police immediately and also to the Ministry of Education as required by the law.” Gopeesingh further said that parents as well, should take some blame as they too are required by law to report such matters to the police.


"Pregnant schoolgirls could be suspended"

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