TV6 News shows video of ‘Minister’ with ganja

Rumours of such a video had surfaced a few months back and were even referred to in passing in a speech in Parliament by the said Minister.

Newsday last night tried to reach the relevant Minister whom the man in the video resembles, and also tried to get a comment from spokesman, Communications Minister, Vasant Bharath, but we were unsuccessful. TV6 News reported Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar as saying she was unable to comment until she sees the video which she requested the television station send to her.

In the video the man bends over a counter-top in front of a mirror and dabbles in a substance resembling marijuana. He has a continuous dialogue with friends, all discussing his technique of preparing a marijuana cigarette.

“Come, come all you go ahead. Let me deal with this here,” said the man.

“They call me the ‘two-pull man’,” he quips. “They does roll it — all my boys — but you see me, I could drink rum whole day and night but if I take two ‘pull’ (I) gone through.” He said he had at least 20 different friends who can roll such a cigarette.

He then seemingly scoffs at his own cigarette preparation technique, saying, “I’m old and inexperienced.” A woman argues that he is being too fastidious in his sorting of the herb before it is ready to be put into a cigarette paper, scoffing that he is preparing it “English” style, but he holds his ground, quipping, “Well right, I is ah English boy.”

TV6 News spoke to the Prime Minister.

“You are correct. There’s something very bad here,” she is reported as saying.

“Please tell me again. Kindly tell me again,” she asked the interviewer so as to seek details. “Very kindly send it to me,” she requested of the video.

In recent times Government Ministers have been the subject of personal scandals. Caroni Central MP Dr Glenn Ramadharsingh was fired as Minister of the People and Social Development for a row with an airline hostess who alleged he had touched her breast, a claim he denied. Former tourism minister, Chandresh Sharma, the Fyzabad MP, resigned after a police investigation began into allegations he hit his former girlfriend at a shopping mall. Minister of Tobago Development, Dr Delmon Baker, was accused of inappropriate conduct by a man who was since arrested on fraud charges amid blackmail claims towards Baker.


"TV6 News shows video of ‘Minister’ with ganja"

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