Griffith: Deadly force for criminals

In a strongly worded press release, issued yesterday, Griffith said criminals must be made to understand that picking a fight with law enforcement officials and those sworn to uphold the Constitution was a no-win situation.

His release came in the aftermath of the cold-blooded murder of father of seven and soldier Lance Corporal Kayode Thomas. Police said at about 11.30 pm on Sunday, 33-year-old Thomas was driving his car on his way home in Marcano Quarry to Plaisance Road, John John, when rapid gunshots were heard as gunmen surrounded Thomas’ car and opened fire. He died on the scene in the car.

Griffith, in his release, said it has become apparent that criminals are taking the fight to the protectors of the law and the Constitution. He said this will not be tolerated in any form or fashion.

“Every murder is unacceptable and must be condemned at every level. But when organised crime has reached a point of turning guns on members of the justice system and now law enforcement officers, they would feel the force and strength of the Defence Force and law enforcement agencies. If you attack one of them, you attack all,” Griffith warned.

“It is amazing that certain comments with regard to my stand are that there should be more dialogue rather than talk of war. Where was the dialogue when Dana Seetahal was murdered in cold blood? Where is the dialogue when an honourable soldier is killed? Tell that to his seven children that there should have been dialogue.

“Those who keep talking dialogue apparently have not lost a loved one at the hands of these disgusting parasites who call themselves gangsters and kill in cold blood. Talk is over! Deadly force would be met with deadly force,” Griffith vowed.

Griffith is issuing a call to all law-abiding citizens to “heed the clarion call to join hands with our law enforcement and security units to fight for what is rightfully theirs: a place to live, learn, socialise and work in peace and harmony.”

Contacted by Newsday yesterday for comment, Acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams said that Lance Cpl Thomas’ murder will not be treated as “just another murder”. The top cop said despite the fact that there have been no leads in the shooting, police are seeing this as an important investigation as a member of the protective services was attacked. Up to press time no arrests had been made and investigations into Thomas’ murder are ongoing. Over 30 spent bullet shells were retrieved by police at the shooting scene of the soldier.


"Griffith: Deadly force for criminals"

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